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    The joys of a local family business …

    Westville are 23 this year and like most 23 year olds we have had some fun and trouble to get here and look ahead with excitement and a little nervousness …

    23 Years ago we were an idea in Jon (Dad’s) head. We are now an award winning – ISO 9001 accredited – Insulation company. We are still a local company with our roots in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. All our 40 employees live locally. We still Insulate homes and these are actually getting more challenging as we mature. There is not a homeowner we have not been able to help, but some of the questions about moisture, air tightness, floors, solid walls are getting our grey matter ticking – and we love it. 23 years ago the conversations were driven by social housing and now we have lots of talk about Passivhaus.. In the next month we will also start offering Solar Thermal and Solar PV to our customers – some questions will be different some will be the same, but we know what homeowners want and how to deliver it ..

    One of the biggest joys of running a local business is that we are 100% answerable to our customers – we get some great feedback, we get it wrong and put it right very quickly, we don’t have a call centre or procedure to hide behind so we know about things very quickly. Having spent 20 years in big companies and only finding out about this stuff way after the event I know this is priceless, but only if you listen and at Westville we have big ears..

    So looking forward. we hope that the next 23 years sees us

    1. Here –  looking after our customers in a way they want to tell their friends / colleagues about
    2. Keeping homes warmer and using less carbon
    3. That’s it … Another joy of a family business is that we don’t have to right too many goals =)

    I am sure we will still get frustrated when councils use companies from outside the area – not because they are better with their residents and their properties, but because they have more resources to talk the talk whilst we are walking the walk. It has always been the same, so we are cool with it – just frustrated sometimes.

    In the meantime we will keep on focusing on doing a quality job with service levels you will want to talk to your friends about because that’s all we know. We will still bend over backwards to help Mr Jones elderly Auntie because that’s all we know and finally we will still smile whilst we are doing it – because the world feels a little better when you do and it’s all we know.

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