Why Solar?

    Solar is fast becoming the most popular energy source in the world, and quite rightly so! Harnessing the power of the sun for clean, safe renewable heat and power energy. It is becoming more and more popular due to it being affordable, efficient and reliable (the sun doesn’t NEED to be blazing for them to work)

    The main advantages to using the power of the sun for energy are as follows: It’s much cleaner, better for the environment, no expensive imported fossil fuels, no need to build large power stations… The list goes on.

    Opting for Solar Panels is the first defense in the battle against our ever-warming planet!

    Westville are a MCS Approved Installer. The MCS is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme which demonstrates the quality and reliability of approved products by satisfying rigorous and tested standards. It was designed with input from product and installer representatives.

    For more information about the MCS Approved status please visit their website:

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    Energy Bill Savings with Feed-In Tariffs

    Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) became available in Great Britain on 1st April 2010. They are not available in Northern Ireland – although this is under review.

    Under this scheme energy suppliers have to (compulsory for big six suppliers) make regular payments to householders and communities who generate their own electricity from renewable or low carbon sources.

    Learn more about Feed-In Tariffs

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