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What Is Rendering?

Looking to bring the styles of Southern Europe to your home in Chesterfield? Then rendering is exactly for you. A centuries old process which is popular all over the world, rendering involves the application of a cement, sand and lime plaster mixture to the walls of a home, providing a great protective barrier against weather damage and other such erosion.

Rendering Grants

Grants are provided by the Government through energy companies and are available to all home-owners throughout the UK. Westville Insulation can access this funding directly to minimise the cost of your cavity wall insulation. With everyone eligible and some people qualifying for free home insulation. Contact us to find out if you qualify. As long as you need wall insulation you will qualify for a grant and in many cases, insulation is installed FREE, with some grants available of over £12,000. These are hassle free as well. Westville does all the paperwork for your home insulation grants.

Why Render Your Walls?

External Walls

The main purpose of this is, as mentioned above, to provide the outer walls of your home with protection from the wind, rain, and other erosive weather. Along with this, however, it can also provide other benefits such as increased home insulation, and transform the look of your home, with different application styles and paint colour finishes making this an extremely worthwhile procedure!

Internal Walls –

Whilst this may not provide weather protection, it does add great style benefits to your home, helping to style or smooth walls so that they can be painted and give your home a fantastic new decoration.

The Process

The Westville Rendering Chesterfield team will carry out the following procedure when rendering your walls so as to ensure that you get the best possible result. Firstly it is particularly important that the wall is clean and has nothing growing on it, so all walls are thoroughly cleaned and treated for mould and plant growth. If all is satisfactory, then a coat of aggregate and lime can then be applied and left for a few days to so that future coats can benefit from enhanced bonding. After the initial coat has been left to ‘cure’, the first coat of actual render mixture can then be applied in the same way you would plaster a wall, in even coats of around 8-10mm. Our expert Chesterfield team are skilled in the application of render so they know exactly the best way to go about the job, and after a few more days, and a few more coats of render, your walls are fully protected, and your home ready to stand out as one of Chesterfields finest.

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