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Westville can access funding directly to help minimise the cost of your internal wall insulation project

Cost Effective.

Internal wall insulation provides a cost effective alternative to external wall insulation

Approved Materials.

Westville utilise the brand new ThermoShell IWI system, providing greater results than standard insulation

Internal Insulation

What is Internal Wall Insulation?

Internal wall insulation is the insulation of the internal surface of external (heat losing) walls. This process can provide a cost effective alternative to external wall insulation but should only be considered following a survey of you property by fully trained insulation engineers, especially if you are contemplating this throughout. If you are considering a major refurbishment like a new kitchen or bathroom this can be an unmissable opportunity to insulate the walls before installing the new fitments. Likewise, if your planning to redecorate this is also a good time to look at internal wall insulation.

Westville utilise the ThermoShell IWI system which is a brand new internal wall insulation system designed for upgrading existing solid external walls. It consists of thermally engineered insulated studs and water repellent glass mineral wool insulation slabs, which can be combined to provide greater thicknesses of thermal insulation than would be achievable by using a single thickness.

EcoStuds are a composite of high performance extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation and Oriented Strand Board (OSB). The OSB is manufactured from timber supplied from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests. The IWI System has been designed to simplify the process of upgrading solid masonry walls while delivering high levels of thermal performance.

Internal insulation grants

Grants are accessible via the Government through various energy companies and are potentially available to all home-owners throughout the UK. A major advantage of utilising Westville, is that we can access funding directly to help minimise the cost of your internal wall insulation project, with some people even qualifying for free home insulation. Westville’s easy, hassle free, grant application process, ensures all the necessary paperwork is completed by our experienced team, with little or no inconvenience to the home owner.

And for the technically minded let’s have a look at the thermal performance…

A typical 225mm (nine inch) thick un-insulated masonry external wall with dense plaster internally will achieve a U-value of approximately 2.10W/m2K.

The same wall insulated with the IWI System, using 80mm thick studs, will achieve a U-value of at least 0.35W/m2K, an improvement in thermal performance of over 80%.

If a typical three-bedroom semi-detached house were to be upgraded in this manner, it would reduce the carbon emissions associated with the house by approximately 2.40 tonnes per year.

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