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Why Insulate your Solid Walls?

You could be losing up to 35% of your heat through your walls and according to the Energy Savings Trust paying an extra £400 towards your yearly utility bills as a result. Not only can installing Solid Wall Insulation on your property save you money, it can also dramatically improve the look of your home.

Solid Wall Insulation Grants

Grants are provided by the Government through energy companies and are available to all home-owners throughout the UK. Westville Insulation can access this funding directly to minimise the cost of your cavity wall insulation. With everyone eligible and some people qualifying for free home insulation. Contact us to find out if you qualify. As long as you need wall insulation you will qualify for a grant and in many cases, insulation is installed FREE, with some grants available of over £12,000. These are hassle free as well. Westville does all the paperwork for your home insulation grants


Being based just down the road, we have provided a number of households throughout the Mansfield area with our solid wall insulation services, and in doing we have used a number of different internal and external products so it very important that we understand the needs of you and your property. Therefore we have an initial, free, consultation either over the phone or via email in the first instance, and we will help you make an informed choice of what solution is best for you.

All the products we use are fully compliant with all the latest safety regulations. So you can have peace of mind that the best and safest products are helping you to reduce costs and help the environment

After the initial conversation, we will then travel to your home or property in Mansfield and carry out a survey where we can assess your properties suitability for the different products and also give you a guideline for a price and any grants that are available. We will then arrange the work at a suitable date.

Example process – case study

For external insulation, an option is a board and render solution. The example you can see below uses Permarock.

Initially, the walls are smoothed down and then tested for how many fixings are required. We then fix the boards to your walls – these are the insulants and will be the main contributor to your fantastic savings of up to £400 a year.

There is then an application of render on top of a mesh to make the boards fix and apply the correct strength / resilience to the wall. All window sills and external fittings, eg Satellite dishes, are adjusted to fit.

Finally, a top coat or finish is applied which is available in a number of colours and styles to give your home an attractive makeover.

This example shows how any property can be transformed in appearance and also in efficiency, cutting carbon and improving U values to .32 on average. This figure can vary dependant on the thickness of the boards used.

Other Solutions:

We are able to source and access other solutions both internally and externally. Contact us via the right-hand side of this page to find out more.

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