Is EWI flammable?

May 13, 2022 | External Wall Insulation, FAQ

The simple answer is NO.

Generally, modern EWI materials are based on Rockwool Mineral Wool or Expanded Polystyrene Insulation (EPS). Both are considered safe and have passed rigorous safety standards regulated by industry bodies like the British Board of Agreement (BBA).

Rockwool Mineral Wool boards are rated as Euroclass A1 non-combustible and are the safest insulation material you can have installed on your property. The Rockwool insulation boards work to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading throughout the building. As well as this, they don’t release toxic emissions or smoke when exposed to fire.

The EPS system has been designed so that in the event of a fire, the EPS would simply melt within its cement-based plaster enclosure. The mechanical fixings would support and hold the structure in place, so although the system wouldn’t withstand the fire, it wouldn’t contribute to its spread.

Westville only uses EWI materials that meet all fire safety standards.