Energy Efficient.

Whether commercial or residential Passive House principles provide durability, high air quality and potential energy savings of over 90%.

A Greener Future.

A Passive House provides reduced air pollution, less dependence on fossil fuel, and more use of renewable energy like solar.

Less Maintenance - More Value.

Passive Houses provide greater value over time through minimal maintenance and energy savings.


As energy savings equal emissions reductions, a Passive House is a great sustainable alternative to conventional construction.

Super Insulation makes your home energy efficient, comfortable and ecological

What is a Super Insulated / Passive house?

Created by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany, this type of building is one of the pioneering concepts in building low-energy houses and is recognised as a leading building standard. The concept comes from using “passive” influences in a building – like sunshine, shading and ventilation – rather than active heating and cooling systems such as air conditioning and central heating.

Key factors in achieving this are very high levels of insulation and airtightness.

How do I achieve the Passive House/Passivhaus standard in the UK?

Achieving the Passivhaus Standard in the UK generally involves:

  • Very high levels of insulation
  • Extremely high-performance windows with insulated frames
  • Airtight building fabric
  • Thermal bridge free construction
  • A mechanical ventilation system that has highly efficient heat recovery

Frequently asked Super Insulation questions?

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