What is Planet-Protect?

Planet Protect is Westville’s environmentally friendly sustainability programme, focused on creating improvements in three of the big global issues we face today:

  • Climate Change
  • Movement to a more circularity economic system
  • Protection of our natural environment

Our mission…

To set challenging annual targets that will not only impact positively on the environmental issues faced by our own company, but also within the wider community and on each construction project we undertake.


Our personal focus is on…

  • Significantly lowering our overall carbon emissions
  • Reducing waste within the construction industry
  • Environmental education of our people and the wider community

Our targets for 2024/25:

  • Decreasing fuel use by a minimum of 10% as a correlated percentage of our turnover.
  • Reducing admin paper usage by 50%
  • Reducing waste to landfill by 10% as a correlated percentage of our sales
  • Reducing Gas & Electricity usage in our office and warehouse facilities by 20%.
  • Educating and implementing personal employee carbon reduction plans.
  • Having a full EPC handover together with additional educational literature as standard, following all completed refurbishments.
  • Engaging with the local community to increase knowledge and share best practices in carbon reduction.

Fuel Usage

We are committed to making the transition to all-electric vehicles as soon as the technology is compatible with our business operations. However, we’ve implemented some interim measures that are already making a difference…

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Paper Reduction

We have made substantial investments in digital software technology, which has already significantly reduced our paper usage.

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Reducing Waste

Reducing waste is a significant challenge within the construction industry as a whole. We are keen to explore the right solutions to recycle waste successfully, particularly from EPC insulation boards.

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Gas & Electricity

We’re fully committed to reducing our overall energy consumption. We intend to replace all our lighting with energy-efficient LED’s along with looking at practical alternatives to our gas-powered heating system.

We’re making inroads…

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EPC Handovers and Top Tips

All of our External Wall Insulation refurb customers using GHG funding are issued with an EPC, together with a top tips document highlighting key areas on how to personally reduce energy in their homes…

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Collaborations, Forums & Workshops

Following our work with Derby University, we actively engage in construction forums to share best carbon reduction practices. We also plan to invite local company representatives to educational seminars to help them better understand how they can implement their own environmental/sustainable strategies.

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Personal Carbon Footprint Plan

We believe everyone can make a difference, so we encourage everyone who works at Westville to get involved and create their own personal carbon reduction plan.

Westville’s vision is that every employee will have created a personal carbon reduction plan by the end of 2024.

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Planet Protect in Action

Westville projects that demonstrate how Planet Protect is actively making a difference in the fight to save our planet. Small changes do make a difference… let’s all play our part!