Reducing waste within the construction industry

Reducing waste is a significant challenge within the construction industry as a whole, and we are keen to explore the right solutions to recycle waste successfully, particularly from EPC insulation boards.

Many companies claim to have a process in place; however, when scrutinised it’s very often just lip service.

Westville’s commitment to getting this right is rooted in their ongoing collaboration with Derby University, which sees Managing Director Sean Stevenson heavily involved in creating a de-carbonisation program that the company can adopt. Understanding the full characteristics of this type of waste and what is needed to make it sustainably safe is key in creating a successful waste disposal solution.

Throughout this year, meetings with major waste disposal service companies interested in being part of the programme are scheduled.

Only companies that are entirely committed to providing an efficient, environmentally sustainable solution will be invited to participate.

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Richard Hardy

Richard Hardy

Spotlight on our people

At the forefront of Westville’s efforts in reducing the waste produced through our activities is Stores Manager Richard Hardy. Richard is constantly consulting with our suppliers on solutions to find the most efficient materials for our projects. This year he was instrumental in researching products that compact EPS waste, potentially reducing our EPS to landfill by 4000%.

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