EPC Handovers and Top Tips

February 2021 saw the introduction of EPC and top tips documentation issued to all our External Wall Insulation refurb customers using GHG funding. These highlight key areas on how our clients can personally help to reduce energy in their homes.

This has been really well received with many customers keen to get involved in helping to reduce carbon emissions. Following this success we are currently rolling out our handover material to customers & clients.

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Karle Rhodes

Karle Rhodes

Spotlight on our people

Linda Popplewell's role as Westville’s Client Manager means that she often finds herself face-to-face with residents before, during and after a project. Her passion for passing on energy-saving and aftercare advice has always been well received by residents. To expand her knowledge and expertise, Linda has been closely working with our local authority partners at to help deliver her exceptional customer service skills, documentation, and environmental tips to a wider audience.

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