Personal Carbon Footprint Plan

Here at Westville we are truly invested in our people so we want to encourage everyone within the company to help us make a difference.

Recently we introduced educational seminars and software solutions to support all Westville employees in taking personal responsibility to help reduce climate change.

Westville’s vision is that every employee will have created a personal carbon reduction plan this year.

Our individual employee journeys can be followed here.

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Sean Stevenson

Sean Stevenson

Spotlight on our people

Westville’s managing Director Sean Stevenson started collaborating with the University of Derby in the first quarter of 2020 to establish an overall De-Carbonisation plan for the company. Early findings highlighted that Westville’s fleet of vehicles contributed significantly to the business’s overall carbon emissions, resulting in Sean implementing a strategy that will see Westville commit to a full range of electric vehicles as soon as the technology is compatible with business operations.

Sean’s tireless research and hard work continue to put Westville at the forefront of Environmental reform as he strives for a more sustainable construction industry.

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