Decreasing Carbon emissions by reducing fuel usage and shortening journey times

2020 saw Westville review its entire lease fleet agreement, focusing on utilising the most fuel-efficient vehicles possible.

Unfortunately, during our review process, it became apparent that at this time, our preferred option of electric/ hybrid vehicles was not viable. This was due to carry weight restrictions and the potential for projects that require long-distance travel.

We intend to monitor this carefully, and as soon as electric vehicles become more efficient and viable, we will commit to making the transition.

Scheduled meetings are also diarised throughout 2024, focusing on rolling out new technology like MPG trackers on all vehicles to help make traveling time far more efficient.

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Sean Stevenson

Sean Stevenson

Spotlight on our people

Westville’s managing Director Sean Stevenson started collaborating with the University of Derby in the first quarter of 2020 to establish an overall De-Carbonisation plan for the company. It was recognised that for Westville to learn and evolve we needed to learn from other organisations and share our own findings. This has led to Westville joining the construction forum for carbon reductions along with local organisations such as Wards Waste Management, Urban Splash Modular & Positive Homes.

Westville also contributes to the Green Growth initiative by Midlands Engine and Sustainable East Midlands Campaign.

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