Westville working on Insulation

The Project.

In 2015 North Warwickshire Borough Council appointed Westville as the Main contractor for a insulation and window regeneration programme within the North Warwickshire town of Atherstone.

The project included the regeneration of over 200 houses. The majority of these properties were of traditional solid brick construction, with a number of non traditional construction including some steel frame.

Each individual property was surveyed alongside North Warwickshire Borough Councils contract surveyor, and regular meetings were conducted on a monthly basis to ensure everything ran smoothly with the project brief.

The Work.

Meetings included identifying scope of works and planning for working with utilities to maximise production time.

To date we have completed all the houses in line with the planning brief, including replacing like for like windows, brick effect, textured render, soffits, fascias and all existing pipework.

Each property has been finished appropriately to ensure it fits in aesthetically with the surrounding buildings.

General feedback has been good with one resident commenting “I can’t believe the difference this has made, the whole street feels transformed.”

The Finish.

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