Desford – Leicester

Project Type

External Wall Insulation


Acrylic Brick Slips

Project Details.

Due to the rural location of the property, and being exposed to all elements, external wall insulation was requested by the customer, utilising a brick slip finish, on top of a 90mm EPS System.

Once the EPS System was installed on the property, the brick slips alone took two and a half weeks due to the detailing, and being individually installed by hand. The client chose the brick slip system in order to maintain the original look of the building, and to match with it’s surroundings.

This was a winter project, and once completed, the customer felt immediate effect of the insulation, along with the associated cost savings. Another happy customer.


The work carried out on this building will provide extra thermal performance, cutting energy bills and Co2 emissions at the same time. The inhabitants also now have a more pleasant environment.

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