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What is Room in Roof?

Room In Roof (RIR) is the opportunity to professionally insulate any living space within the roof/loft area of your home with a fixed staircase for access. This could have been part of the properties original design or a room added as a loft conversion at a later date. There will normally be either a Dorma style window or a window in a gable end.

Until recently, funding under the Governments ECO schemes was not available for this type of insulation. However, funding is now available subject to survey through accredited installers (subject to survey ensures that your RIR is suitable for insulation). The good news is, funding applications are NOT currently means tested or credit scored, however, you will be required to supply a small amount of personal information.

Grants are available for qualifying home owners, private tenants and landlords.

How will I benefit from insulating my Room in Roof?

By insulating your room in roof you will effectively be wrapping your loft living space in a thermal blanket. You will prevent heat loss not only from the room in roof but also from the floors below. On average it is estimated that you will save up to 25% on heating costs.

Your living space in the roof will be cooler in the summer, as heat generated by the sun, coming in through the roof, will be deflected. Insulating the RIR will make it a much more comfortable living space RIR will help to reduce your heating bills and lessen your carbon footprint.

The Room in Roof process

Initially, Westville will instruct a survey to identify if your property would benefit from RIR insulation. Following a successful survey, we will ask you to complete some paperwork to ensure we are claiming funding through the right channels, but don’t worry we will do all this for you!

Westville will then arrange a full technical survey to estimate the actual benefits from insulating the RIR. This includes an EPC to calculate the carbon saving (energy saving) you can expect to make over the life time of the insulation.

Subject to the survey demonstrating that the RIR is suitable for the Government granted scheme, we will then arrange installation of the appropriate insulation materials by our accredited technicians.

Westville have a vast amount of experience insulating on a wide range of roofs throughout the UK, helping homeowners make their property more energy efficient, protected and beautiful.

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