Project client…

James Cubitt, Development Construction Ltd

Product(s) used…

SPS Envirowall

Poperty type…

1967, twenty-one storey Burrows Court

Burrow Court's history.

Mention Burrows Court to anyone in Nottingham and it will certainly evoke a heated discussion.

Built in 1967, twenty-one storey Burrows Court was originally seen as the future of modern housing, with a vision to create a clean and efficient building surrounded by fresh air and open space. It was designed to replace the bleak and grisly housing of our industrial past, but the plans for this exciting development were never fully completed to its full potential.

Unfortunately faced with extensive rising costs, reported to be in the region of £4 million to keep the tower in good order, Nottingham City Council made a decision in 2006 to abandon the block, rehouse all the tenants and place Burrows Court on the market.

History at Burrow Court.

Since the council’s decision there has been much interest in the building, with various projects proposed. However, none have reached their conclusion, until finally in 2016 major developer Landmark Capital Developments put forward a proposal that was described as, “a project for a contemporary residential destination for the city of Nottingham” and following planning permission, it received the green light under the management of James Cubitt Development Construction Ltd.

Westville were appointed by James Cubitt to supply and fit of an Environmental wall insulation solution for the whole renovation. It was essential that all work proposed be in line with the planning requirements stipulated by Nottingham City Council’s planning department. Westville consulted with SPS Envirowall to ensure that the proposed products to be used would create a solution that was both safe and in line with all planning requirements and following our successful bid we commenced work in February 2018.


Despite inclement weather which produced a very wet February – April (including a snowy and windy March) and an extremely hot June – July, Westville are on schedule, having completed elevations in line with the programme of works.

Issues overcome have included;
• Creating a bespoke design for the window under-cill was needed due to some issues surrounding the substrate consistency around the openings. We were able to create and implement these with no adverse effect to the budget.
• Inclement weather continues to be managed carefully, resulting in work schedules starting very early in the mornings or late afternoon/evenings. This is imperative to allow our team to work in safe conditions. Work was initially stalled due to conditions in March, with the external lift system out of use due to high winds exceeding safe operating regulations, but with a favourable summer, work is now back on schedule.
• Working on the plant area of the roof provided significant scaffolding challenges to ensure everyones safety. Working with a specially approved Scaffolding partner we were able to design a safe system to fully meet all health and safety requirements.


To date we are on schedule, having completed 60% of the project. Working alongside James Cubitt Development Construction Ltd is proving to be a productive partnership, resulting in a smooth and efficient working environment.

Our completion date is set for September 2018 with targets for improved U-Value’s from 2.1 to 0.30.

Our biggest satisfaction however is not just commercial, but community driven. It’s about seeing Burrows Court transformed from the rundown socially deprived property that has for too long blighted the Nottingham landscape, to a building that all the town can be proud of.

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