The Project.

The Old Church Bungalow in Derbyshire has always been a unique property, dating right back to 1927 when it was built from the remains of a demolished Derby church! It’s nestled in 2 acres of picturesque woodland right in the heart of Derbyshire.

The current resident purchased the 2-bedroom bungalow in 1978, as it was a perfect setting and location to keep their pet dogs. When acquiring the property, a damp proof course was installed, but since then there’s been no further renovations or maintenance of the property.

Over the last 45 years, the property has suffered weather damage including extensive rotting of the roof and timber windows, doors and fascias. Being ‘off gas’ and heated primarily by oil, it’s been expensive to keep warm and so therefore has often felt cold and damp.

The resident of this property spoke to Derbyshire County Council warm homes division in 2022 and was referred to Amber Valley Borough Council.

Assessment of the property and discussions of potential improvements were required. Being ‘off gas’ the government have a scheme called HUG (Home Upgrade Grant) which is designed to transform properties like this to be much more energy efficient.

The Challenges.

Due to the number of years this bungalow hadn’t been maintained, extensive works were necessary. These started with new uPVC windows and doors, then a complete roof replacement complimented by fascias, soffits & guttering, and of course external wall insulation to add 9cm of insulation followed by 3 layers of protective render. The work was then finished in an attractive shade of grey. As with all insulation it’s imperative to have the correct ventilation, so the mechanical fans in the kitchen and bathroom were replaced.

Working in partnership with Amber Valley Borough Council, Westville co-ordinated and carried out the complete project during Autumn of 2023. Being such an extensive project, this was several weeks of upheaval for the resident, who was most cooperative and supportive to help the tradesmen. Luckily the weather was kind, so the majority of the work was completed before the winter weather arrived.

Westville breathing new life into a tired home

Spotlight On Our People...

Stuart Ford, Chad Wright, Richard Page, Toby Brown & Barry Rodgers

Insulation Installers

Stuart Ford and Chad Wright, as the rendering team that oversaw the project, demonstrated exceptional dedication by overseeing the project from beginning to end despite facing unpredictable weather conditions. Their commitment resulted in the successful completion of the project to an exceptionally high standard.

Richard Page and Toby Brown went above and beyond in handling the preparation and reinstatement works. In just one day, they replaced and insulated the bay window roof alongside their regular building reinstatement tasks, showcasing their efficiency and expertise.

Additionally, Barry Rodgers deserves special recognition for his efforts in treating and repainting the existing damp problem in the lounge. This issue, caused by inadequate loft insulation in the property's past, was resolved thanks to Barry's diligent work and superb attention to detail.

Meet the rest of the Westville family...

The Results

A completely transformed bungalow, which not only looks amazing but is so much warmer. The new windows and doors have made a huge difference, cutting out he previous drafts, and the benefits of the insulation are now being experienced during the winter weather. The saving in the oil bills will also be noticed when the resident can compare her year-on-year energy bills.

The happy resident commented on the work done and benefits to their home:

“Amber Valley Borough Council were extremely understanding and helpful in discussing and agreeing the work required. The service from Westville has been superb, all the tradesmen being very respectful, arriving on time and their work was always to the highest standard.”

Following the work done on this bungalow, the total estimated energy bill savings amounted to a massive £285 per year! *

The decarbonisation transformation will save over 660 kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year. That’s the equivalent of growing roughly 11tree seedlings for 10 years! **

*Energy Savings Trust

**Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Total properties worked on by Westville in 2023.

The amount of money (£) saved on our customers' annual energy bills in 2023.

The amount of CO2 (tonnes) prevented from entering the atmosphere from Westivlle's 2023 projects.

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