The Project.

East Midlands Homes contracted Westville Group to embark on a pivotal project aimed at enhancing living conditions and bolstering energy efficiency across various areas within Leicestershire - Hinckley, Stony Stanton, and Enderby.

The selection of these specific areas was informed by several key considerations:

Fuel Poverty: East Midlands Homes recognised the prevalence of fuel poverty in these areas, where residents grappled with the challenge of affording adequate heating and energy. Addressing this pressing issue emerged as a primary focus, seeking to improve the quality of life for the local communities.

Low Energy Performance: The properties within these areas exhibited low Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings, typically falling within bands E, F, or even D. This presented a significant opportunity for substantial energy efficiency improvements, with the potential for long-term cost savings for residents.

Permitted Development: The project benefitted from its classification as permitted development, streamlining the planning process and expediting the commencement of renovation work.

Specialised attention was also directed towards Sloane Close, characterised by system-built, timber frame retirement bungalows designed for individuals aged 55 and above. These properties demanded tailored solutions to enhance the comfort and sustainability of residents.

With Westville serving as the key contractor on behalf of EMH, financing for the initiative was secured through the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF).

The Challenges.

Work started in earnest on October 2022 & completed within just six months on April 2023.

This transformative project presented a remarkably smooth journey, marked by successful collaboration between key stakeholders. Working closely with East Midlands Homes and retrofit coordinator, Dene Carvell, who was instrumental in ensuring the seamless execution of the scheme. This harmonious partnership facilitated effective decision-making and swift problem-solving throughout the project, contributing to its overall success.

This required meticulous planning and communication with Western Power was needed to ensure that any potential disruptions or issues for residents during the project were swiftly addressed and mitigated. The Westville team ensured that the project progressed with minimal hitches, resulting in a remarkable transformation of the targeted properties.

Westville Regenerating social housing throughout Leicestershire

The Results

The project encompassed the renovation and enhancement of a total of 72 properties spread across the designated areas.

The full scale of works took around six months to complete as we insulated and rendered 42 properties and oversaw the installation of new windows and doors.

A total transformation of the properties can be seen in the photos!

Energy efficiency targets set by Derby City Council were met through the work done on this project. Thanks to the extensive EWI & Loft Insulation work, the EPC ratings of all the properties improved by two levels. This improvement has helped residents save energy, significantly cut their heating costs and helped reduce carbon emissions that would typically reach the atmosphere from the extra power use.

Following the work done in Leicestershire, the total estimated energy bill savings amounted to a massive £28,020 per year, that’s an average saving of around £390 per household! *

The decarbonisation transformations will save over 60 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year. To save that amount of CO2 by recycling alone, you would need to save 18.9 tonnes of waste from entering landfill! **

*Energy Savings Trust

**Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Total properties worked on by Westville in 2023.

The amount of money (£) saved on our customers' annual energy bills in 2023.

The amount of CO2 (tonnes) prevented from entering the atmosphere from Westivlle's 2023 projects.

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