External Wall Insulation Could Help Make You £57,000 Richer

Aug 15, 2016 | General News

There aren’t many bigger decisions you will make in life than deciding to buy a house.

After all, it’s a decision of where you are going to set down your roots and possibly raise a family – not to mention arguably the largest financial commitment most people will ever make. Understandably then, any hint of doubt in the potential buyers mind could completely scupper any deal. If you’re the seller, this can be devastating.

So, of course, it’s vital that a house makes a big first impression, but just how important are first impressions when it comes to buying a house?

Well, if you’re selling a property, you NEED to read these statistics…

A recent survey carried out by Barclays Mortgages has found that the majority of house hunters decide on whether or not they like a property within just 10 seconds of staring at the outside. Pretty conclusive then?

But, there’s more…

In fact, 35% of people surveyed said they base their decision on whether to view a house ENTIRELY on the external appearance. Meanwhile , 53% of those asked said they would purchase a property that looked good externally, even if the inside needed significant redecoration.

That’s over 1/3 of potential buyers being turned off of a property if the outside looks shabby.

Furthermore, 44% of home hunters signalled that they would drop up to 20% off of the asking price of the property if they believed that the outside did not look up to scratch.

On average, each home sold in the UK loses £57,600 off of its value as a direct consequence of the outside looking unappealing. This, can have a massive effect on how much you get from selling your home, and put your future plans in real jeopardy.

How Can External Wall Insulation Make You Money?

So, the appearance of the outside of a property is vital, but what difference will external wall insulation make?

Quite a big one actually.

The external wall process can completely change the appearance of the outside of your property for the better. Using methods such as insulating boards or render, an entirely new layer is added to the outside of the home. This covers up any tired, cracked looking walls and gives a new smooth finish to the property – and once complete these walls can then be painted any colour you wish to top it all off.

See below for the same property before external wall insulation (left) and after (right).

As you can see the property looks much cleaner, and welcoming with a smooth white finish, rather than tired looking exposed brickwork. It’s not hard to see why just differences can have such an influence on property buyers.

All of this without mentioning the fact that external wall insulation makes a property more energy efficient and can shave £500 per year off of energy bills – which adds, even more, value to the property.

You wouldn’t leave the inside of your house in a mess when showing around a potential buyer, so don’t do that with the outside either. Looking after it could make you £57,000 after all.

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