Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Feb 15, 2019 | General News

You may or may not be aware that today is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day.

Fuel poverty is the condition of being unable to afford the costs of keeping your home adequately heated. Sadly, it is estimated that around 3.5 million households suffer from fuel poverty, meaning that roughly 12.9% of all households in the country cannot keep their home warm due to the cost of their fuel bills.

In the United Kingdom in 2019 this simply should not be happened, and fuel poverty awareness day is dedicated to spreading awareness of this terrible situation, so that we can tackle it and help give every family the ability to keep the home warm and the lights on.

Here at Westville we are strong supporters of the fight against fuel poverty, which is why we are doing all we can to help spread awareness of fuel poverty awareness day.

As home insulation is one of the very best ways to combat fuel poverty, we are often on the front line of this fight, and we have been a part of numerous projects to improve efficiency and reduce fuel poverty in the past.

Some of these projects that we have been a part of include:

Insulation Regeneration Programme North Warwickshire – Click To Find Out More

In this project we were appointed by as the main insulation contractor by North Warwickshire Borough Council. Working in the town of Atherstone the project included the regeneration of over 200 houses built from traditional solid brick and some steel frame. These houses were inefficient and tired looking, until the work – including replacement windows, brick effect, textured render, and new soffits & fascias – transformed the look and feel of the entire street and helped to reduce energy bills.

Bestwood Road Estate Hucknall – Click To Find Out More

Working alongside J Tomlinson Ltd, we carried out external wall insulation on a range of flats, houses and bungalows as part of Ashfield District Councils major regeneration project. Estimated to be worth £30m, this encompassed a large amount of ADC’s housing stock, but our work was primarily focused on the Bestwood Road Estate area of Hucknall. This helped to bring young families, retired and vulnerable residents out of fuel poverty, greatly reduced the areas carbon footprint, and gave the estate a brand new look.

Brocklehurst Court Chesterfield – Click To Find Out More

Brocklehurst Court is a sheltered housing accommodation in Chesterfield that was in need of renovation after years of usage. Chesterfield Borough Council commissioned Rotherham based Fortem to manage the project, and we were brought in to help with the required render, cladding and insulation. This work helped to transform the look of Brocklehurst Court, and also made it significantly more energy efficient, making the temperature more comfortable and helping to lower the costs required to heat the building.

We are always looking to get involved in more projects that help bring people out of fuel poverty, so if you have any questions about fuel poverty or lowering your fuel bills then please do get in touch with our team who can help, providing advice on home insulation measures, grants, energy saving and more.

See below for some a helpful video from NEA UK, a charity dedicated to fighting fuel poverty in the UK to find out of you could be suffering from fuel poverty.