Is Home Insulation Worth It? The Facts

Feb 14, 2022 | General News

With energy prices soaring, more and more people are looking for ways that they can bring down their monthly payments.

One of the most recommended steps to take in this situation is to insulate the walls and roof of your home – but is this actually worth it, and how much difference will the methods make? Let’s take a look at the facts.

How Does Insulation Help Save Money?

As much as our 4 walls and roof feel secure from the elements, the truth is that most properties are much “leakier” than they appear to the naked eye. Heat can escape from a home in many ways, specifically through the walls, roof, windows & doors, meaning that a lot of the heat you’re paying to generate, is actually escaping and not having much benefit at all. The following stats sum up how much of a problem this can be.

  • You can lose 35% of heat through your walls if you don’t have adequate insulation.
  • You can lose almost the same amount through the roof of your house if you don’t have loft insulation.
  • You lose a significant amount through the floor if you don’t have proper insulation there either.

Insulation helps to fill these “gaps” in your home, significantly reducing this heat loss. With 70% more heat being retained within the house, you will often find yourself not needing the radiators on anywhere near as much as you do now.

On average, home insulation can provide the following savings:

  • Solid wall insulation – £460 per year
  • Cavity wall insulation – £250 per year
  • Loft insulation – £250 per year

How Much Does Insulation Cost?

The cost of insulation varies based on a number of factors, including the type of insulation that you’re looking for, and the size of your property. The best way to find the cost is to get a free survey & quote, however generally speaking loft insulation starts from just a few hundred pounds, and most insulation types are generally low cost enough to have offset the price in bill savings within a few years.

What’s even better is, that a large number of people never actually pay full price for their insulation. There are a wide number of government schemes & grants available, which can partially or even completely cover the cost of an insulation project, so you could be eligible for cheap or even free insulation! We always recommend speaking to an advisor to find out the grants that are currently available and to see if you are eligible.

Is Home Insulation Worth It?

It’s understandable that in a time of higher bills and increased living costs people might be wary of perceived “big” purchases such as insulating the home, but the truth is, it’s definitely worth it!

The significant energy savings provided by insulation can slash your energy bills, and offset the initial costs of installation. That’s before even considering that you may be eligible for heavily subsidised – or even free – insulation, through a government grant.

Energy bills aside, insulation is also a great long term investment in your property – it lasts decades with minimal maintenance, increases the value of your property, makes your home warmer, and could even save on stamp duty for future purchases.

Oh, and it’s great for the environment too, so if you’re wary about your carbon footprint, insulation is a great step to take!

TL;DR, Insulation Can:

  • Last a lifetime
  • Reduce home heat loss by up to 35%
  • Cut energy bills by £460+ per year
  • Make your home warmer and cosier
  • Be heavily subsidised, or even free
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

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