Why Insulating In Advance is Key

Apr 21, 2023 | General News

According to a recent report by newspaper I, tens of thousands of low-income households missed out on having energy-efficiency measures installed in their homes last year, just as energy bills surged and the current cost of living crisis hit.

This was caused by delays in the installation of energy efficiency measures such as home insulation, which meant that the measures were installed after the price rises, and during a time when the cold winter weather was already having an effect.

Unfortunately, the same issue is expected to occur again this year, which highlights why getting measures such as insulation installed as early as possible is key.

During the Spring and Summer months, when temperatures are higher and the central heating is off, people don’t tend to think about their energy bills and what winter will bring. However, this time of year is in fact the best time to take action.

By choosing to get your home insulated in the warmer months, you will benefit in a number of ways, including beating waiting times from colder months, and ensuring that your home is fully insulated and prepared for when the winter months move in and energy bills start to climb again. Not only that, but insulation can actually help cool your home in stiflingly hot temperatures too – find out more.

On average, families in older, less efficient homes pay £1,000 per year more on energy bills than those living in newer, well-insulated properties. So if you’re worried about the cost of your bills next winter, it’s important to take action today.

Depending on where you live, you may also be eligible for a grant to cover the cost of insulation in your home.

For more information regarding home insulation and the grants available, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today, either on 0800 1583605, or send us a message through the form below.

Did you know: Insulation can also prevent damp & mould problems.