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What Is Rendering?

Possessing the charming styles of Southern Europe and helping with home insulation, it’s no surprise that wall rendering is becoming more and more popular in and around Mansfield. This process is centuries of years old and used all over the world, it involves applying a mixture of cement, sand and lime plaster to the walls of your home, making them thicker with a protective layer which will resist weather damage and other such erosive happenings.

Rendering Grants

One of the main concerns people hold when it comes to insulating their home is that the whilst the eventual savings will be good, the initial price for the work is too much for them to spend, however, this is far from the case. Not only are insulation costs falling all of the whiles, but now there is numerous government-backed grants which cover insulation methods such as rendering, meaning that you could potentially get your rendering heavily subsidised or even completely free, get in touch with us today to find out more!

VAT reduced to just 5% if you have both Rendering AND Insulation!

Why Render Your Walls?

External Walls –  
As mentioned above, the main purpose of external wall insulation is to provide a protective outer layer to the walls of your home, made from resilient materials this extra layer will ensure that your walls stay strong, and keep as much heat in as possible! However, there is more to it than just practicality, as external wall rendering can also be painted afterwards to completely transform the appearance of your home!

Internal Walls –
Rendering on internal walls may not provide weather protection like the external process, however, there are still benefits of rendering internal walls, primarily stylistic benefits as it can help style or smooth your walls, preparing them for painting and giving your home a fantastic new decoration.

The Process

The Westville Rendering team serving Mansfield will carry out work in the following procedure when carrying out rendering work on the walls of your home so that you will always get the best result possible. First and foremost it is of particular importance that the wall which is being worked on is clean and has no growth coming from it, so before work even begins all walls are given a thorough cleaning and treated vigorously and safely for mould and plant growth. If everything is fine than an initial coat of aggregate and lime is applied and left for a few days, meaning that future coats will benefit from improved bonding. After the ‘curing’ period has passed, then the first coat of actual render mix can be applied, in a very similar way to which a wall is plastered, with even coats of around 8 to 10mm being spread across the wall. Our team have many years experience rendering in the Mansfield area and so are highly skilled and experienced in render application, meaning that you can be sure that when you choose Westville, you will get nothing less than a top quality rendering job done on your home.

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