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Extra Protection.

Add an extra layer of protection to your property, against weather damage and other things which could cause erosion.

Extra Insulation.

By thickening the walls, you’re also increasing the insulation of your property, cutting energy bills and helping the environment.

Transform your home.

External wall rendering will transform the look of your home and could increase curb appeal and house value!


Rendering is a technique which has been used for centuries and is the application of a thin layered mixture of cement, sand, and lime plaster to either brick, cement, stone or mud walls of a house. It is a popular practice all over the world, particularly throughout Southern Europe where many different styles can be seen.

Why should I render my walls?

The main purpose of Rendering an external wall is to provide an extra layer of protection against weather damage and other things which could cause erosion; however, it can also help a home’s overall insulation (by thickening the walls) and help transform the look of your home, with different application patterns and a finishing coat of paint providing great style! Which is what happened as a result of our work in Bilborough, where the finished house was completely unrecognisable after being finished with a white textured render.

When Rendering a wall for the first time it is particularly important that the wall is clean and has nothing growing on it! Westville’s first job is to ensure all walls are thoroughly cleaned and treated for mould and plant growth. A harling coat of aggregate and lime will then be applied and left for a few days to increase the bonding for future coats. After the initial coat has been left to ‘cure’, the first coat of actual render mixture is trowelled on – just like plaster – in even coats of around 8-10mm. Once this process is complete, your homes interior/exterior will be ready for a lovely lick of paint.

What finish is right for me?

Westville’s rendering services feature a wide range of transformative finishes including pebble dash, textured, brick effect render and brick slips that can increase the value of your home and make it much nicer to look at.

  • The classic Pebble Dash render provides a textured and hard-wearing style to your property that will leave your neighbours jealous and visitors to your property in awe!
  • If you are after a clean, contemporary finish, then the Textured render is available in a multitude of colours and the possibility of customising is as easy as it is eye-catching.
  • If you are looking for a more traditional brick look to your property but don’t want all the hassle of having to tear down the walls and re-lay with new bricks, then the Brick Effect render is ideal.
  • The Brick Slips finish can give your property a crisp, clean and contemporary look, perfect for matching with modern, high-tech doors and windows without looking out of place.

Westville have a vast amount of experience working installing Render on a wide range of homes throughout the UK, helping homeowners make their property more energy efficient, protected and beautiful.

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