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Providing cost-effective, energy efficient construction solutions to the health sector

With the ever-increasing financial restraints placed on our healthcare sector, more and more developers are looking towards modern, cost effective construction methods to deliver on their projects. Fortunately, advances in design and construction techniques are enabling many hospitals and health care organisations to deliver high-quality new facilities faster and at far lower costs than previous building methods allowed.

The need for greater flexibility and adaptability

Westville understands the need for health sector buildings to be able to cater for a wide range of functions that often change over time and therefore understands the need for flexibility and adaptability to facilitate future re-configuring. Our lightweight steel frameworking and insulation expertise is perfectly suited to and reflected in our work on Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Our experienced hospitals team, highly skilled in Steel Frameworking, only use trusted and well-known brands, such as MetSec and Frameclad for all of our steel work and have helped businesses all across the UK erect and insulate commercial properties, saving them thousands of pounds on energy bills in the process.

If your project requires Steel Frameworking, Loft, Timber Frame or Cavity Wall Insulation, Render or Cladding then Westville really should be high on your list as a preferred contractor. We regularly work with national builders and developers all over the UK, delivering work to the highest standards, both in line and above current building regulations.

On all projects we pride ourselves on building a close working relationship with architects and major contractors to ensure continuity from initial planning to full completion.

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