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Suppliers of modular lightweight steel structuring, eco-friendly insulation, render and plastering services to student accommodation contractors and developers.

During the last ten years we have witnessed a massive increase in the provision of student housing. Traditionally, most students have relied upon the private sector for accommodation. However, greater demand for university places, increased regulation, rising house prices and a growing concern about the impact of student lifestyles on local communities have all led to a contraction in supply from small-scale landlords.

Meeting the need for flexibility and adaptability

As evidenced in our recent work for the University of Warwick, in their place have emerged specialist developer-operators and diversifying housing associations which typically provide study bedrooms in large-scale developments, either on behalf of specific universities or directly marketed to students.

Westville have been working alongside this type of developer for many years, on both new build and retrofit projects. Our ability to supply modular construction, lightweight steel structuring, eco-friendly energy efficient insulation, render and plastering services, just as we achieved with our work on Burrows Court, makes us perfectly placed to advise and work on this type of scheme.

On all projects we pride ourselves on building a close working relationship with architects and major contractors to ensure continuity from initial planning to full completion.

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Commercial Industries

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  • Student Accommodation
    During the last ten years we have witnessed a massive increase in the provision of student housing. Traditionally, most students have relied upon the...
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