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Time Saving.

Light weight steel framing is a revolutionary way of erecting buildings in a very short space of time.

Energy Saving.

Steel frameworking can also play a significant part in energy performance, reducing heat loss and improving thermal comfort.


Our experienced team are highly skilled in steel frame erection and insulation, using only trusted well-known brands, helping businesses across the UK erect and insulate their steel properties.

Steel Frameworking

Have you ever wondered how a plot of land can be empty one moment and then before you know it an entire warehouse or a huge building has suddenly appeared on it? More often than not the answer will be steel frameworking.

What is Steel Frameworking?

Light weight steel framing is a revolutionary way of erecting buildings in a very short space of time as evidenced by completing student accommodation for the University of Warwick with around 250 individual buildings within 10 weeks. We erect a steel frame structure, clad it and that’s it; a building shell ready to fill and inhabit. This allows for building construction to be fast tracked and completed in an efficient and simple way, with the added benefit of a relatively low cost. Steel frames are also a popular and simple way of erecting internal walls which provides greater flexibility for building layouts to be changed. A good example of this is when a conversion is required, like turning large single room warehouses into multiple apartments or, as specified by Derby County Council on Dallimore Primary School, provide extensions to existing buildings.

Not only does steel frameworking allow for speed and ease in the construction of a building, it can also play a significant part in the efficiency and energy performance of it as well. One of the biggest benefits of a light steel frame is that it has fantastic thermal and structural behaviour, which reduces heat loss and improves thermal comfort. Steel frames can be insulated in a range of different ways, both on the exterior and in between the steel components. This can significantly reduce heat loss, leading to dramatic savings on energy bills, whilst making the building a much more pleasant place to work in.

Westville have a vast amount of experience with constructing steel frameworking on a wide range of different buildings across the UK, helping business owners make their commercial property, saving thousands of pounds on energy bills.

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