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Are you a Landlord looking to insulate your properties?

Energy efficiency and heating costs have never been more of a talking point than they are today. With energy prices soaring, tenants have never been more focused on how they can find ways to help reduce their energy bills. More and more disputes are emerging were tenants are challenging their landlords to provide more energy efficient housing. This can be a real problem for landlords, especially the ones that have to worry about many homes and not just the one.

Insulation, Energy Performance Certificate’s (EPC’s) and the Law!

From April 2018 every domestic property which is up for sale or rent must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated to a minimum E standard (unless an exemption applies). The consequences of having a property below this grade is that Landlord’s will be banned from renting the property until it is upgraded to the acceptable standards.

Irrespective of this new legislation, it is always in your best interests that the buildings you own, have good ratings. EPC scores indicate how energy efficient a property is and poor ratings will tell potential tenants that the accommodation they’re looking at is potentially draughty and cold, resulting in unnecessarily high energy bills. This will invariably put people off, leaving your properties empty and you losing money. On the flip side, being able to tell someone that your properties are extremely efficient, comfortable and cost-effective is a major selling point, resulting in the likelihood that you will retain tenants for many years to come.

Here at Westville we offer a bespoke service perfectly tailored to help Landlords with numerous properties. We can look after your entire portfolio and put together an insulation package to suit all your needs, making all your properties warmer and more energy efficient, resulting in reduced energy bills for all your tenants.

We pride ourselves on the vast experience we have gained over a period of 28 years within the rental market sector. We are confident we can offer the very best advice in the provision of energy efficiency solutions for your properties.

As part of this process, Westville have partnered with a number of key providers for insulation grants, many of which are part of larger scale government schemes. This means we can always get you the very best funding packages available, for solid wall, cavity and loft insulation.  In the past we have had great success, securing grants of up to £9500 per property for previous clients.

Insulating your properties will improve your EPC ratings and turn your accommodation into much more enticing places for people to rent. Landlord benefits are substantial with increased profits and long standing tenancy agreements being the obvious two.

If you would like more information regarding insulation advice, accessing funding or receiving grants, then please give our dedicated landlord portfolio team a call on 0800 1583605. Alternatively, why not make an initial enquiry by completing our online get in touch form.

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