A New Look, and A New Way To Get Around

Nov 14, 2016 | General News

It’s exciting times down here at Westville, as we are undergoing a little bit of a shake-up, with some brand new things to share with the world.

First and foremost, we’ve got a fleet of brand new vans! Our team of insulation installers do a lot of traveling, and having to carry around tools and insulation equipment means that they have to do so in vans. However, we’re always looking to do our best for the environment, and so we have had a brand new fleet of more energy efficient vehicles delivered to help us cut our fuel usage and carbon emissions even further.

It’s not just the efficiency that makes our vans so special, though, they also look fantastic as they are emblazoned with our new Westville logo and branding, which provides a slick, professional look and an eye-catching colourful WV – of course, for Westville!

Pictures of our fantastic new fleet of vehicles with their shiny new branding can be seen below. We would love to hear your thoughts on their appearance, and if you’ve seen them driving the streets near you, let us know!