Celebrating 30 Years of Westville Group

Sep 20, 2018 | General News

Happy Birthday, Westville Group! We’re Celebrating Our 30th Birthday.

In 1988, Chairman Jon Stevenson created Westville. Westville started out as a retro-fit cavity wall insulation contractor and has evolved into the specialist facades, insulation & dry lining contracting group we are today.

In just 30 years, we have completed over 150,000 projects and have gained the experience and knowledge required to make us into one of the leading insulation companies in the UK. It’s because of our experience and knowledge, that we continue to work with an extensive list of contractors and councils nationwide.

We’re proud of what we have accomplished in our 30 years, we’ve won numerous awards including ‘Solid Wall Project of the year’ and multiple ‘Customer Service’ awards. What prides us the most, is the huge back catalogue of testimonials we have from happy customers.

“Westville remains a family owned and run contractor, taking great pride in our past, keeping values that will stay with us into the next 30 years. We always aim to treat people’s homes with the respect and trust our role requires. For our commercial clients that trust is based on a partnership born of shared goals and adaptability. Technology may change our products and the way we communicate, but that respect, trust and adaptability with our customers will remain.

Thank you to all our past and current employees and partners on their contribution to Westville. Our people are the company, words are nothing without their actions when and where it matters.” MD Sean Stevenson

Thank you for reading this article. Here’s to another 30 years.