What You Need to Know About External Wall Insulation Grants

May 17, 2018 | General News

Did you know, a non insulated home in the UK could be losing 35% of all heat through it’s external walls.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates you could achieve a saving of up to £460 every year simply by installing external wall insulation.

Why Insulate Your External walls?

Solid walls are notorious for being bad at retaining heat and are known to allow twice as much heat to escape when compared to cavity walls.

Usually, we are able to insulate solid walls with high-density insulation material internally, externally or both. External wall insulation helps reduce heat loss quite dramatically, and can effectively lower your energy bills.

Insulating your external walls can also improve the exterior of your home when accompanied by rendering.

Here’s what you need to know…

What is external wall insulation?

External wall insulation is a layer of insulation material we put on to the outer surface of the wall and then cover up with a waterproof layer. Depending on your home, the insulation can usually be between 80mm and 140mm thick.

Is my home suitable for external wall insulation?

Solid wall insulation is suitable for homes that were built before 1930 because there is a very strong chance that it has solid walls, not cavity walls. If you’re unsure, we can survey your home and advise further.

Will external wall insulation change the look of my home?

Your home’s appearance won’t dramatically change – just ‘refreshed’ as the insulation will often be covered with new render or rough-cast – of course this can then be coloured to give your property a brand new look. We will always discuss the options with you so you’re happy with the end product.

Will this improve my homes energy efficiency?

Due to insulation being applied to your external walls, this can save you up to £460 every year on your energy bills. Because of the heat being retained and not lost, this can improve your homes energy efficiency.

How long does EWI take to install?

The installation process shouldn’t take any longer than 6 weeks. Completion dates can vary depending on the work being carried out and the size of the project.

Will scaffolding need to be erected?

Yes. In order for our insulation installers to be able to access the whole surface of your external walls, scaffolding will need to be erected. We will install scaffolding as efficiently as possible to minimise disruption.

I have children, do they need to be supervised when scaffolding is erected?

Yes. Children must be supervised when scaffolding is present. You also need to ensure no-one tampers with or climbs on the scaffolding when erected as this could put them, you and our installers at risk.

How much does external wall insulation cost?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the cost of insulating your external walls can range from £8,000 to £22,000. However, this often varies on the type of property and the size of the project and grants are available to significantly lower the price that you pay.

Is external wall insulation worth it?

Installing external wall insulation will typically save a detached house £460 on energy bills every year. If you plan on living in your home for the long-term, insulation is definitely an investment you should be looking into.

Will external wall insulation reduce floor area of my property?

External wall insulation will not reduce the floor area or living space of your property.

Do I need to have my home surveyed?

Yes. In order for us and our installers to fully understand the project, we will need to devise a survey on your property.

Will the installation process be noisy?

Unfortunately, the installation will involve drilling, attaching insulation boards, and potentially rendering, meaning there may be noise at these times but this is always kept to a minimum and will never be done at unsuitable hours.

Will I need planning permission?

Yes. This is often something we will do for you on your behalf. Your local council will write to you to confirm that a building warrant has been approved for your home.

How do I know which installer to choose?

You may have been approached by many insulation installers in the past – including ourselves – with different offers. We would always advise you go to the National Insulation Association website and find your nearest qualified installer by entering your postcode.

Can Westville Group help me?

Yes. We have been installing external wall insulation for over 25 years in your local area. In this time we have helped thousands of homes become more energy efficient and lower their energy bills.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video below:

To find out more regarding our external wall insulation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call today on 0800 158 3605. We look forward to hearing from you.