Free Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation in Mansfield

Mar 4, 2022 | General News

Mansfield residents can now get FREE loft and cavity wall insulation.

As part of a Mansfield District Council scheme to improve energy efficiency across the area, households with an income of less than £30,000 per year can now get loft and cavity wall insulation installed at their homes for free.

Global energy prices are soaring, hitting consumers here in Mansfield, which is worsening the current cost of living crisis. This scheme is part of Mansfield District Councils’ way to combat this, with loft insulation and cavity wall insulation both helping to improve energy efficiency and cut household energy bills.

We are very excited to be able to say that as a trusted partner of Mansfield District Council, Westville have been chosen to help implement this scheme, and we will be helping homeowners find their eligibility, and then installing the cavity wall insulation.

Call us on 0800 158 3605 or message us and we can have an initial chat and advise you what you may qualify for. We can then arrange the free survey and quote. Our workmanship guarantee combined with examples of our previous projects ensures your home is in safe hands.

What Is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity walls are made of two layers with a small gap or ‘cavity’ between them.Cavity wall insulation is – as the name suggests – is insulation that fills these cavities. This is done by injecting insulating wool into the gaps.

The purpose of this is to retain heat in the house and stop it from escaping outside so that you don’t need to keep the heating on for as long. Cavity wall insulation will dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home, making it a lot warmer in the winter, and more comfortable all year round.

What is Loft Insulation?

Upwards of 25% of the heat generated within a house can escape through the roof. Loft insulation is designed to stop this.

Insulating a loft involves fitting layers of insulating wool across the loft floor, which almost acts as a blanket for the top of the house – ensuring that warm air from the house cannot escape through the roof and that the cold air from outside can’t make its way in.

This can also help to keep your home cooler during hot weather, as hot air that collects in the loft cannot make it’s way in and heat up your bedrooms.

How much money can I save?

One of the biggest benefits of loft or cavity wall insulation is the savings that it can provide on your energy bills.

It’s no secret that we’re in a cost of living crisis at the moment, with energy prices soaring and likely to go even higher in the coming years. This can be a strain for any household, especially those on a low income.

Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation are two of the best ways to cut your energy bills.

Energy Saving Trust figures show you could save up to £310 off your energy bills every year with cavity wall insulation, and thousands of pounds over the lifetime of the house. It is also great for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint by up to 1100KG per year.

Loft insulation meanwhile can save up to £380 off your energy bills every year throughout it’s 40-year lifespan.

Find out more on how you can combat the cost of living crisis and lower your energy bills here.