Has Your Cavity Wall Insulation Been Installed Incorrectly? [The Signs]

Sep 14, 2017 | General News

Incorrectly Installed Cavity Wall insulation Could Be Damaging Your Home

Cavity Wall Insulation can be one of the best ways to keep your house warm. However, when this type of insulation is installed incorrectly, it can often bring more problems than it can do benefits.

We have had to remove cavity wall insulation from hundreds of properties that have had their cavity wall insulated by a company that has not installed it correctly. Damp and mould have been the number one reason for removal of the cavity wall insulation.

The aim of this type of insulation was to keep homes warm and dry. Unfortunately – for some homes – this simply hasn’t been the case and has caused the opposite. Homeowners up and down the country have fell victim to issues caused by poor installation, which has caused expense, mess, and stress to good people.

Has Your Home Been Affected? The Signs.

Your home is more likely to suffer from damp and mould as a result of cavity wall insulation if:

  • Your home’s external walls have been poorly maintained or built. Check for any noticeable cracks in your brickwork or rendering.
  • The location of your home means it suffers from severe levels of wind-driven rain. This is mostly the case in coastal areas.

So, you’ve had cavity wall insulation installed, and you’re starting to suspect the installation is starting to cause more harm than good. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Damp Internal Walls – This is one of the biggest signs your cavity wall insulation is not doing what it’s supposed to be. Look out for wet patches on your walls.
  • Black Mould – Unfortunately, black mould is one of the hardest things to remove from a property. It often gets onto walls and fabrics and can take a long time to get off and remove fully. If you spot mould developing in your property, it needs to be dealt with right away.
  • Staining – Staining on your walls occurs as a result of the damp rising.
  • Condensation – Condensation is to be expected in bathrooms and kitchens when you’ve been cooking or had a shower. If other well ventilated and dry rooms are suffering from condensation, then this could be a sign something is not right.

What Should You Do?

If your home is suffering from the above, then we highly advise you to speak to the installation company. If they don’t offer any help, contact governing bodies such as CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) as they’re the ones that regulate installation.

If you’re experiencing issues and need your cavity wall insulation removing, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 0800 158 3605 or contact us here. We have been helping homeowners up and down the country just like you get their home back to how it should be since 1988.

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