Home Insulation Could Save Lives

Jun 23, 2023 | General News

A new study from Citizens Advice has found that improved home insulation and energy efficiency could prevent 6,000 winter deaths.

The study revealed that 15 million British homes – which house 31 million people – currently have EPC (energy performance certificate) ratings of level C or below, meaning there is significant room to improve energy efficiency.

By retrofitting these homes with insulation and bringing them all up to a minimum level of C, it is claimed would save the NHS £2bn by preventing 6,000 excess winter deaths annually as well as cutting childhood asthma cases by 650,000.

Alongside this, there would also be energy bill savings of up to £951 per year for consumers. Total savings would be nearly £40bn by 2030, and up to £100bn by 2040.

Furthermore, the move could also help the UK achieve its net-zero goals. The report, compiled by the energy consultancy Baringa Partners, found that insulating 13 million energy-inefficient homes would reduce CO2 emissions by 33 million tons across Great Britain by 2030, due to reduced electricity and gas usage. This would cut 2030 emissions by 5 percent and reduce air pollution.

With the cost of living soaring, with rising interest rates, more people are being driven into fuel poverty, which is having a horrible knock-on effect on the vulnerable and elderly, who are unable to heat their homes in winter, and becoming more susceptible to cold-related illnesses.

In our local area of the East Midlands, we have seen firsthand the problems that fuel poverty can cause, but also the amazing benefits that insulation can provide. It is also always worth remembering that a range of home insulation grants are often available, which can help you to get your home insulated for a reduced price – or even for free.

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