Proud To Support the Cost of Living Appeal

Nov 25, 2022 | General News

The entire Westville team is proud to say that we are supporting the Derby Homes cost of living appeal.

It’s no secret that times are tough, and with living, costs soaring millions of people are being forced to “tighten their belts”, or take even stronger measures just to get by.

So, when Derby Homes announced that they were launching an appeal to collect donations to help those who are hardest hit, we were more than happy to help.

For the appeal, Derby Homes set a target of raising enough money to buy 500 slow cookers, 500 air fryers, and 500 electric blankets/throws to be handed out to those in need this Winter such as the elderly and those with medical conditions.

The reason behind choosing products such as air fryers and electric blankets, is because they are significantly cheaper to run that more traditional methods such as ovens and central heating systems.

As an example, a slow cooker costs around 44p to run for 8 ours, whilst an electric oven would cost over £1 and use 3 times more energy.

A heated throw would cost around 3.5pence per hour, as opposed to a 2kw fan heater which would be 70p for the hour.

In total, our donation, alongside companies such as Buildbase, ARCUS Consulting, EEM, Nationwide Windows,
Eurocell, Marley, Buxton Decorators, SPK Contractors, JAL Roofing, Vaillant Group, and
Bell Group has raised over £28,000 for the appeal.

The first recipients of their items were thrilled to get them, and we hope this will be a great benefit to people all across Derby.

If you, like many, are struggling with your energy bills this winter, then we would greatly encourage you to get in touch with your energy providers, and your local authorities to see what help is available for you.

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