Westville Shortlisted for Industry Award

Jan 24, 2023 | General News

We are very proud to announce that the Westville team has been shortlisted for another industry award.

Following a successful project with Amber Valley Borough Council and Futures Housing Group,
we have been shortlisted for a collaboration award at the prestigious Building Communities
Awards 2023.

The project, which set out to improve properties across the Borough of Amber Valley that were
deemed energy inefficient or in a poor state of repair, was a great success, with over 200 properties
receiving a combination of high-quality insulation and solar PV.

The objective of the entry was to highlight how all parties came together to solve challenging issues
during the project cycle, including the massive impact of the covid pandemic.

Out of many entrants, we were selected within the top four and are very much looking forward to the awards event, which takes place on Friday 3rd, March 2023.

This is a great achievement and a credit to everyone involved in the project. It just goes to show how working together can make a significant difference. We would also like to thank David at AVBC and James at Futures for all their help and commitment. It was such a refreshing approach from both and totally underpinned the delivery. This has to be the way in the future and we are really excited for further ventures.

Westville, AVBC, and Futures Housing Group are all fully committed to improving lives through better
living conditions, which makes communities more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In the meantime – Wish us luck!

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