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Westville have been insulating homes since 1988, with a large portion being new build.

Approved Materials.

We only use approved materials from leading manufacturers, so you can be confident we’ll ensure the best results.

Saving Money.

As with all insulation services we offer, the increase in energy efficiency dramatically cuts heating costs.

New Build Insulation

Westville have a wide selection of insulation products and services available to new home builders, contractors and public sector organisations. We have been insulating homes in our region since 1988 with a large portion of projects being new build. We have experience helping a wide range of building companies insulate entire estates under their construction. We offer the following types of insulation for new build projects.

Loft Insulation

Most of the loft insulation we carry out is used with glass mineral wool from leading manufacturers. Before we install any type of insulation, our installers will always advise on the appropriate options available for your specific project. When we insulate the loft of any new build, you can be confident that we will always insulate to the recommended depth of 270mm – 300mm, with any loft hatch appropriately draught proofed.

Cavity Wall Insulation for home builders

Cavity wall insulation can help prevent the loss of up to 35% of heat through the walls of a new build. Our team will advise you on the most cost-effective type of cavity insulation required to achieve your U value. All of our products provide excellent thermal performance and come with an insurance backed 25-year guarantee.

Timber Frame Insulation for home builders

Timber frame insulation is becoming increasingly important for energy efficiency in homes, especially with energy bills being at an all-time high. Due to the non-standard construction techniques of timber frame building, insulating these properties requires a specialist team of installers.

Westville are experts in insulating timber framed buildings, incorporating specialist mineral fibre products and vapour barriers, as well as modern, highly effective plastic foams.

Westville have a vast amount of experience with insulating a great variety of new builds across the UK, helping business owners make their new build more cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

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