Why is loft insulation so important?

Without adequate loft insulation you could be losing up to 25% of the heat generated in your house through your roof. According to the Energy Savings Trust, this could result in you paying an extra £250 towards your yearly utility bills. Installing loft insulation costs very little and with the availability of grants, can for many, mean a totally free installation.

Loft insulation grants available

Loft insulation grants are accessible via the Government through various energy companies and are potentially available to all home-owners throughout the UK. A major advantage of utilising Westville, is that we can access funding directly to help minimise the cost of your loft insulation project, with some people, depending on your property and circumstances, even qualifying for free insulation. Westville’s easy, hassle free, grant application process, ensures all the necessary paperwork is completed by our experienced team, with little or no inconvenience to the home owner.


Westville use a number of wool classified product types that are fully compliant with all the latest fire/safety regulations.

This ensures that you have the complete peace of mind that the best and safest products are helping you to reduce energy costs whilst also improving environment.

Westville’s team of surveyors and loft insulation fitters will carry out a full survey prior to any installation. This is to ascertain the suitability of your building for the insulation and to determine the depth required. We will also consider what pipe work will need to be covered, how the hatches are to be insulated and inform you of how to start any potential grant application. This ensures you get the best price possible. We will then agree a suitable date for your installation, linking this, if required, with any other installation you may have approved.

Loft insulation installation process

Most loft insulation materials work by preventing the movement of heated air through the material. The fibres of matting trap air within it, for the matting to be effective, the weave should not be over stretched or compressed as the structure trapping the air may be destroyed.

Loft insulation is not an easy task and should be carried out by experts to avoid technical risks.

For instance, a high standard can only be achieved by insulating across the top of the ceiling joists as well as between them, as this process avoids cold-bridging. The loft hatch should also be included in the insulation process, together with the pipes and tanks to avoid freezing in extreme conditions. Other key considerations include ventilation to avoid condensation, access and the safety aspects of all electrical wiring and fittings.

All our installers are trained to the highest standards and we only use a British standard material known as Quilt.

Westville ensure we leave your property insulated to the recommended depth of 270mm – 300mm, with your loft hatch draught proofed and all relevant pipes insulated. Should you require access to any tanks in your loft space we will ensure there is a walkboard installed to meet this need.

When all work is completed we will leave a certificate in your loft space, stapled to the rafters. This ensures you have proof of insulation and a contact point should you have any queries at a later stage.

Need more information?

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